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The T-A® Drilling System is an excellent choice when looking for the ultimate in high tech drilling for CNC or manual equipment. We manufacture to your specs or offer turnkey design solutions.

  • Premium materials improve wear resistance and grade toughness
  • Unique geometry available for specialized applications
  • Coating options available to deliver optimum performance of speed and penetration


GEN3SYS® drill inserts and holders penetrate up to 35% faster than competitive drilling products. Our AM200® coating increases tool life up to 50% when compared to our competitors’ premium coatings.


Utilizes corner and cutting edge enhancements combined with our new AM300® coating to deliver more durability, reliability, and productivity. The GEN3SYS® XT geometry is designed to increase penetration rates and tool life, providing the lowest cost per hole among high penetration drill lines. 


Allied's APX™ delivers the strength and versatility needed for any deep hole drilling application. The APX™ geometry is designed to increase penetration rates and tool life, providing the lowest cost per hole among deep hole drilling lines.

 ASC 320®

ASC 320® solid carbide high penetration drills provide high productivity in a wide variety of applications. It eliminates pecking and maintains durability through its reinforced shank. The unique geometry and coating allow it to be used for a wide range of applications.

 GEN2 T-A®

GEN2 T-A® drill inserts provide lower drilling forces, increased drill stability, smoother breakout on through holes and improved chip formation. These inserts feature Allied’s exclusive AM200® coating for increased tool life.


An excellent choice for general purpose use. The design provides fast penetration rates that produce good hole size and finish. Standard geometry combines highly efficient and stable cutting action to minimize power consumption. Recommended for use in most steels, cast irons, high temperature alloys and aluminum alloys.


Designed for use on structural steel materials, this system delivers outstanding performance and durability. TiAlN insert coating increases tool life while providing better hole tolerances.


Allied developed a unique drilling system for the aluminum automotive wheel industry. The system delivers consistent hole configurations, high penetration rates and lower cost per hole.


High Performance Spade Drills fit directly into the Universal Holders, but offer the high-tech geometry and performance benefits of the T-A® Drill Inserts.


The Opening Drill® is an extremely effective tool designed to enlarge existing holes.


Universal Style Spade Drills and Universal Holders allow end-users a larger diameter range. Universal Spade Drills range from 1" to 8 1/2".


The Revolution Drill® has an innovative design that allows for adjustability of 0.200" (5.1mm) on diameter, eliminating the need for specials and/or subsequent boring operations.


The BT-A Drill is compatible with standard BT-A-STS Systems. The Features of the BT-A Drill include laser clad bearing area for improved straightness, replaceable cutting edges to eliminate the need for resharpening and significantly increased penetration rates over brazed heads and traditional gun drills.

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.1250" DIA ASC320 HI PEN DR


.1250" DIA ASC320 HI PEN DR


.1495" DIA ASC320 HI PEN DR


.1719" DIA ASC320 HI PEN DR